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Definition of informer:

  1. One who informs a magistrate of violations of law; one who informs against another for violation of some law or penal statute.
  2. One who informs, animates, or inspires.
  3. One who informs, or imparts knowledge or news.


skunk, hog, puke, pig, canary, squealer, tattler, lowlife, strikebreaker, so-and-so, traitor, tipster, whistle-blower, fink, snitcher, scab, betrayer, grunter, snitch, law, stinker, snitch, double-crosser, stool pigeon, rat, two-timer, rotter, crumb, dirty dog, blabber, git, blackleg, stool pigeon, double-dealer, stoolie, tattletale, stoolie, knowledge, stinkpot, informant, tattletale, scum bag, ratfink, bum, fink.

Usage examples: