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Definition of ingenuous:

  1. Free from reserve, disguise, equivocation, or dissimulation; open; frank; as, an ingenuous man; an ingenuous declaration, confession, etc.
  2. Ingenious.
  3. Noble; generous; magnanimous; honorable; upright; high- minded; as, an ingenuous ardor or zeal.
  4. Of honorable extraction; freeborn; noble; as, ingenuous blood of birth.


sinless, impartial, free, clear, guiltless, unbiased, devoid, unacquainted, candid, open, artless, forthright, transparent, straight-out, truthful, uncultivated, destitute, clean-handed, impeccant, unstudied, unworldly, innocuous, innocent, straight-from-the-shoulder, uncultured, straight-shooting, man-to-man, plainspoken, show, guileless, unprejudiced, straight, undistorted, unreserved, barren, fair, simple, aboveboard.

Usage examples: