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Definition of inheritance:

  1. A permanent or valuable possession or blessing, esp. one received by gift or without purchase; a benefaction.
  2. A perpetual or continuing right which a man and his heirs have to an estate; an estate which a man has by descent as heir to another, or which he may transmit to another as his heir; an estate derived from an ancestor to an heir in course of law.
  3. Possession; ownership; acquisition.
  4. That which is or may be inherited; that which is derived by an heir from an ancestor or other person; a heritage; a possession which passes by descent.
  5. The act or state of inheriting; as, the inheritance of an estate; the inheritance of mental or physical qualities.
  6. Transmission and reception by animal or plant generation.


be descended from, come down to, heritage, birthright, owned, come into, study at heritage, claimant, affect, bequest, beneficiary, come to, patrimony, patrimony, cut off, tradition, gift, hereditary pattern, bequeath.

Usage examples: