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Definition of inhuman:

  1. Characterized by, or attended with, cruelty; as, an inhuman act or punishment.
  2. Destitute of the kindness and tenderness that belong to a human being; cruel; barbarous; savage; unfeeling; as, an inhuman person or people.


rugged, insensitive, grim, slash-and-burn, excruciating, dusty, perverted, severe, feral, monstrous, hardhanded, indurate, hard-hearted, grievous, tough, unsympathetic, unfeeling, barbarian, burdensome, vicious, sadistic, atrocious, uncharitable, brute, thick-skinned, fell, uncivilized, obdurate, frigid, fiendish, kind, butcherly, fierce, amoral, trying, stonyhearted, remorseless, pachydermatous, merciless, unethical, hard-boiled, heavy, immoral, stale, cold-blooded, cold, untamed, uncouth, murderous, wicked, onerous, nonhuman, awful, unkind, oppressive, unsparing, desensitized, sordid, barbaric, stiff, hateful, callous, hard, moth-eaten, compassionless, truculent, insensate, ironhearted, inhumane, searing, bitter, soulless, sinful, wolfish, insentient, evil, deviant, stony, wanton, affectless, take-no-prisoners, pitiless, case-hardened, unmerciful.

Usage examples: