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Definition of inning:

  1. Ingathering; harvesting.
  2. Lands recovered from the sea.
  3. of Inn
  4. The state or turn of being in; specifically, in cricket, baseball, etc., the turn or time of a player or of a side at the bat; -- often in the pl. Hence: The turn or time of a person, or a party, in power; as, the Whigs went out, and the Democrats had their innings.


shape, human body, form, hitch, framing, soma, figure, skeleton, period, stanza, opportunity, shift, skeletal frame, trick, skeletal system, systema skeletale, chassis, build, material body, bout, go, physical body, session, tour, underframe, watch, spell, stint, stretch, frame of reference, frame, time, turn, heat, bod, flesh, physique, anatomy.

Usage examples: