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Definition of inscription:

  1. A line of division or intersection; as, the tendinous inscriptions, or intersections, of a muscle.
  2. An address, consignment, or informal dedication, as of a book to a person, as a mark of respect or an invitation of patronage.
  3. That which is inscribed; something written or engraved; especially, a word or words written or engraved on a solid substance for preservation or public inspection; as, inscriptions on monuments, pillars, coins, medals, etc.
  4. The act or process of inscribing.


catalogue, enumeration, entry, record, chronicle, allegiance, loyalty, note, register, memorial, schedule, message, enrolment, memorandum, commitment, history, chit, muniment, caption, document, dedication, account, roll, lettering, jottings, minute, memo, archive, scroll, IOU, instrument, inventory.

Usage examples: