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Definition of insensibility:

  1. The state or quality of being insensible; want of sensibility; torpor; unconsciousness; as, the insensibility produced by a fall, or by opiates.
  2. Want of tenderness or susceptibility of emotion or passion; dullness; stupidity.


rigorousness, unfeelingness, phlegm, indifference, callousness, callus, severity, quietness, severeness, tranquillity, stolidity, disinterest, incuriousness, rigor, ruggedness, rigour, insensibleness, quietude, stolidness, incuriosity, hardness, unresponsiveness, inclemency, impassibility, harshness, feelings, unresponsiveness, composure, uninterest, rigourousness, callosity, impassivity, stiffness, unconcern, stoicism, lassitude, calmness.

Usage examples: