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Definition of insincere:

  1. Disappointing; imperfect; unsound.
  2. Not being in truth what one appears to be; not sincere; dissembling; hypocritical; disingenuous; deceitful; false; - said of persons; also of speech, thought; etc.; as, insincere declarations.


hollow, artificial, obsequious, dissimulative, false, ambidextrous, affected, sycophantic, disingenuous, affected, mala fide, sly, dissimulating, true, bootlicking, honest, buttery, oily, phony, shifty, oleaginous, two-faced, unctuous, fawning, left-handed, gilded, hypocritical, feigned, pretended, fulsome, toadyish, dissembling, smarmy, artificial, specious, meretricious.

Usage examples: