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Definition of insinuate:

  1. To creep, wind, or flow in; to enter gently, slowly, or imperceptibly, as into crevices.
  2. To hint; to suggest by remote allusion; - often used derogatorily; as, did you mean to insinuate anything?
  3. To ingratiate one's self; to obtain access or favor by flattery or cunning.
  4. To introduce artfully; to infuse gently; to instill.
  5. To introduce gently or slowly, as by a winding or narrow passage, or a gentle, persistent movement.
  6. To push or work ( one's self), as into favor; to introduce by slow, gentle, or artful means; to ingratiate; - used reflexively.


adumbrate, maneuver, wind, edge, worm, adumbrate, point, infuse, foist, advert, work, propose, instill, intimate, mention, push, signify, enter, horn in, sketch, dash, show, outline, indicate, work in.

Usage examples: