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Definition of insipid:

  1. Wanting in spirit, life, or animation; uninteresting; weak; vapid; flat; dull; heavy; as, an insipid woman; an insipid composition.
  2. Wanting in the qualities which affect the organs of taste; without taste or savor; vapid; tasteless; as, insipid drink or food.


two-dimensional, harmless, categorical, taste, namby-pamby, excite, matt, waterish, plane, good, politic, bland, adolescent, savourless, level, smooth, suave, matte, innocuous, juvenile, flavorless, compressed, mat, categoric, monotonic, unconditional, insubstantial, savorless, tasteless, wishy-washy, flavourless, vapid, puerile, monotone, unappetising, flat, matted, uninteresting, washy, jejune, unappetizing, lifeless, prostrate.

Usage examples: