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Definition of insolence:

  1. Insolent conduct or treatment; insult.
  2. The quality of being insolent; pride or haughtiness manifested in contemptuous and overbearing treatment of others; arrogant contempt; brutal impudence.
  3. The quality of being unusual or novel.
  4. To insult.


rancour, mouth, archness, backchat, glow, bitterness, sassiness, incivility, superciliousness, perkiness, incrustation, brass, familiarity, bile, nerviness, pride, pushiness, presumption, cheekiness, overconfidence, audaciousness, sass, shamelessness, haughtiness, saddle sore, freshness, nerve, forwardness, presumption, inconsideration, encrustation, overbearingness, cheek, attitude, chutzpah, loftiness, discourteousness, ungraciousness, vulgarity, gall, sauce, inconsiderateness, pridefulness, assurance, assumption, hardihood, superiority, courtesy, novelty, rancor, hauteur, impertinence, face, impudence, uppishness, impertinency, lordliness, impoliteness, uppityness, impudency, proudness, pertness, resentment, dis, crust.

Usage examples: