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Definition of instability:

  1. Lack of determination of fixedness; inconstancy; fickleness; mutability; changeableness; as, instability of character, temper, custom, etc.
  2. The quality or condition of being unstable; want of stability, firmness, or steadiness; liability to give way or to fail; insecurity; precariousness; as, the instability of a building.


oscillation, flexible, alternation, precipice, flightiness, unbalance, capriciousness, pliancy, precariousness, volatility, bipolar disorder, change, crisis, irregularity, breakdown, mobility, inconsistency, threat, delusion, minefield, wavering, fluctuation, adventure, inquietude, impermanence, delicacy, variability, ricketiness, uncertainty, irresolution, derangement, combat fatigue, fluidity, unsteadiness, shakiness, mental unsoundness, vulnerability, changeability, restlessness, disquiet, unsteadiness, fragility, Asperger's syndrome, agoraphobia, disequilibrium, emergency, mutability, immaturity, vacillation, claustrophobia, change, unsureness, fitfulness, fickleness, nonuniformity, weakness, asymmetry, imbalance, danger, a disaster waiting to happen, dementia, anxiety, insecureness, transience, dissymmetry, unstableness, crack-up, autism, strong, precariousness, hesitation, insecurity, havoc, wobbliness, brittleness, shakiness, escapade.

Usage examples: