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Definition of install:

  1. To place in an office, rank, or order; to invest with any charge by the usual ceremonies; to instate; to induct; as, to install an ordained minister as pastor of a church; to install a college president.
  2. To set in a seat; to give a place to; establish ( one) in a place.


order, set up, ensnare, entrap, instal, stick in, chime in, enclose, block, assemble, effect, put up, emplace, rig, come in, emplace, ready, lay down, tack, nestle, set, salt away, fit, butt in, effectuate, employ, institute, interpose, pitch, fit out, shew, hire, close, demonstrate, break in, attach, browse, put together, submit, take on, constitute, roost, give, confirm, archive, author, alarm, barge in, frame, prove, invest, furnish with, appoint, back up, hive away, call up, invest, balance, engage, induct, automate, chisel in, put in, stack away, set out, found, perch, pile, induct, make, disconnect, burn in, establish, base, sign, store, site, rear, settle, erect, prepare, ground, inaugurate, lodge, access, introduce, arrange, build, piece, sign on, show, recruit, lay out, burn, raise, cut in, launch, throw in, retain, gear up, stash away, inject, put down, capture, inclose, hook into, situate, lay, accept, seat, spot, baptize, inaugurate, interject, situate, lay in, tack together.

Usage examples: