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Definition of instigate:

  1. To goad or urge forward; to set on; to provoke; to incite; - used chiefly with reference to evil actions; as to instigate one to a crime.


heat, spark, aid, prick, arouse, support, fire up, inspire, root on, exalt, countenance, wake, stir, prompt, incite, bring about, spur, pep up, enliven, start out, inflame, set forth, cue, vex, assist, set-off, trip, touch off, catalyze, disturb, embolden, raise up, spark off, start off, depart, explode, bring out, rev, remind, invigorate, set out, detonate, part, cheer, barrack, animate, actuate, create, stir up, blow up, brew, exhort, impassion, uphold, pick, galvanize, shake up, excite, whip, urge on, ignite, revolutionize, egg on, study at incite, sanction, pique, work up, invent, promote, breathe in, take off, commove, cancel, make, abet, advocate, raise, start, form, inhale, offset, revolutionise, trigger off, agitate, inaugurate, activate, cause.

Usage examples: