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Definition of integral:

  1. A whole; an entire thing; a whole number; an individual.
  2. An expression which, being differentiated, will produce a given differential. See differential Differential, and Integration. Cf. Fluent.
  3. Essential to completeness; constituent, as a part; pertaining to, or serving to form, an integer; integrant.
  4. Lacking nothing of completeness; complete; perfect; uninjured; whole; entire.
  5. Of, pertaining to, or being, a whole number or undivided quantity; not fractional.
  6. Pertaining to, or proceeding by, integration; as, the integral calculus.


inherent, implicit in, inviolate, constituent, organic, whole, entire, aggregate, constitutional, inbuilt, requisite, intrinsic, indispensable, basic, unbroken, underlying, system, necessary, entity, be, intrinsical, perfect, essential, part, built-in, vital, intact, constitutive, totality, surface.

Usage examples: