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Definition of intense:

  1. Extreme in degree; excessive; immoderate; as: ( a) Ardent; fervent; as, intense heat. ( b) Keen; biting; as, intense cold. ( c) Vehement; earnest; exceedingly strong; as, intense passion or hate. ( d) Very severe; violent; as, intense pain or anguish. ( e) Deep; strong; brilliant; as, intense color or light.
  2. Strained; tightly drawn; kept on the stretch; strict; very close or earnest; as, intense study or application; intense thought.


penetrative, thick, unabated, acuate, acute, incisive, tearing, impetuous, longing, impatient, penetrating, hot, concentrated, deep, bright, overwhelming, surface, saturated, ardent, sharp, violent, cold, fervent, wicked, terrific, consuming, eager, bad, utmost, yearning, pure, discriminating, burning, needlelike, lifelike, blood-and-guts, strong, screaming, crash, main, vivid, extreme, trigger-happy, aggravated, pressure-cooker, anxious, intent, knifelike, zealous, heavy, piercing, vehement, fierce, terrible, heightened, exquisite, profound, keen, pictorial, glowing, raging, uttermost, animated, importunate, enthusiastic, severe, big, wild, intensified, desperate, intensive, desirous, graphic.

Usage examples: