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Definition of interfere:

  1. To act reciprocally, so as to augment, diminish, or otherwise affect one another; - said of waves, rays of light, heat, etc. See Interference, 2.
  2. To come in collision; to be in opposition; to clash; as, interfering claims, or commands.
  3. To cover the same ground; to claim the same invention.
  4. To enter into, or take a part in, the concerns of others; to intermeddle; to interpose.
  5. To strike one foot against the opposite foot or ankle in using the legs; - sometimes said of a human being, but usually of a horse; as, the horse interferes.


intermeddle, arbitrate, mediate, interlope, step-in, intervene, deputize, interpose, prevent, deputise, come in, interrupt, butt in, interject, horn in, substitute, stop, participate, inject, intercede, put in, throw in.

Usage examples: