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Definition of interpose:

  1. Interposition.
  2. To be or come between.
  3. To introduce or inject between the parts of a conversation or argument.
  4. To place between; as, to interpose a screen between the eye and the light.
  5. To step in between parties at variance; to mediate; as, the prince interposed and made peace.
  6. To thrust; to intrude; to between, either for aid or for troubling.
  7. To utter a sentiment by way of interruption.


inclose, get into, barge in, intercept, intermeddle, go in, fall by the wayside, lay in, throw in, set up, instal, interrupt, chuck up the sponge, butt in, interfere, intervene, put in, get in, meddle, shoot, go into, stash away, deputise, substitute, mediate, interlard, hive away, stick in, enter, drop out, come out, store, salt away, interpolate, chime in, throw in the towel, drop by the wayside, chisel in, break in, step in, deputize, submit, include, interject, install, intercede, inject, enclose, cut in, come, arbitrate, place, move into, give up, come in, quit, stack away.

Usage examples: