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Definition of intimation:

  1. A hint; an obscure or indirect suggestion or notice; a remote or ambiguous reference; as, he had given only intimations of his design.
  2. Announcement; declaration.
  3. The act of intimating; also, the thing intimated.


mite, glimmer, trace, innuendo, steer, hint, big, breathing time, gleam, semblance, ghost, insinuation, breathing space, cue, knowledge, whiff, breather, wind, allusion, tinge, lead, suggestion, glimmering, soupcon, jot, gleaming, inkling, dash, shade, suspicion, breath, whisper, touch, taste, show, shadow, breathing spell, suggest, streak, hair, breathing place, confidential information, pinch, tip, clue, whisker, speck, implication.

Usage examples: