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Definition of introduce:

  1. To bring into notice, practice, cultivation, or use; as, to introduce a new fashion, method, or plant.
  2. To lead or bring in; to conduct or usher in; as, to introduce a person into a drawing- room.
  3. To lead to and make known by formal announcement or recommendation; hence, to cause to be acquainted; as, to introduce strangers; to introduce one person to another.
  4. To open to notice; to begin; to present; as, he introduced the subject with a long preface.
  5. To produce; to cause to exist; to induce.
  6. To put ( something into a place); to insert; as, to introduce the finger, or a probe.


install, preface, launch, confine, recruit, enter, deliver, broach, include, transport, face, exhibit, take in, import, educate, chisel in, stash away, disclose, come before, get out, edit out, figure, premiss, embargo, enfold, guest, sneak in, interlard, fit, release, set up, barge in, usher in, record, gain, edge in, start off, bring, insert, aver, carry, work in, state, acquaint, hold in, gift, export, infix, come across, move into, realise, forego, interject, declare, offer, demonstrate, portray, reveal, go on (the) TV/radio, pose, plant, represent, discover, break, realize, lecture, come on, interpolate, pull in, adduce, propose, orientate, sandwich, put forth, fetch, asseverate, encounter, ground, bring out, affirm, stick in, make, meet up, familiarise, claim, meet, bump into, store, cite, inaugurate, constitute, enclose, go in, inclose, trigger, maintain, words, allege, expose, salute, bring on, uncover, enwrap, balance of trade, let out, proclaim, see, unwrap, stage, participate, let on, run into, instruct, tutor, give away, tuck, innovate, say, anchor, teach, instal, divulge, announce, establish, intersperse, plead, make known, unveil, lay in, forgo, place, put in, break in, organize, enrol, hand back, accustom, wrap, set forth, get into, award, front, demo, envelop, cut in, found, close in, set off, submit, raise, get on, clear, salt away, butt in, open, show, accede, come in, chime in, earn, familiarize, confront, catalyze, enroll, moot, slip in, issue, intercalate, coach, get in, common market, go into, herald, stack away, assert, shut in, kick off, premise, present, inscribe, train, publish, edit, lay out, throw in, knowledge, put down, put out, add, bring about, bleep out, give, assign, bring up, bring in, balance of payments, orient, advance, blockade, hive away.

Usage examples:

  • " Let me introduce you to Mr. Maltravers.

    - "Ernest Maltravers, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  • You shall introduce me to her."

    - "Kenelm Chillingly, Book 5.", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  • Do let me introduce you to them all.

    - "The Golden Silence", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.