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Definition of intrusion:

  1. The act of intruding, or of forcing in; especially, the forcing ( one's self) into a place without right or welcome; encroachment.
  2. The entry of a stranger, after a particular estate or freehold is determined, before the person who holds in remainder or reversion has taken possession.
  3. The penetrating of one rock, while in a plastic or metal state, into the cavities of another.
  4. The settlement of a minister over 3 congregation without their consent.


misdemeanour, trespass, infraction, imposition, irreverence, ravishment, attack, violation, incursion, willing, aggression, rape, impact, impingement, infliction, obtrusion, onset, like, invasion, intervention, onslaught, meddling, encroachment, assault, misdemeanor, infringement, participate, enter, interference, usurpation, entrenchment.

Usage examples: