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Definition of intuitive:

  1. Knowing, or perceiving, by intuition; capable of knowing without deduction or reasoning.
  2. Received. reached, obtained, or perceived, by intuition; as, intuitive judgment or knowledge; - opposed to deductive.
  3. Seeing clearly; as, an intuitive view; intuitive vision.


brilliant, thoughts, nonrational, habitual, seemingly, transcendent, unsubstantiated, unlogical, natural, quick, doubtful, clear-sighted, a priori, anecdotal, asynchronous, visceral, bursty, illogical, transcendental, untaught, spontaneous, clickable, splanchnic, backward-compatible, alleged, antivirus, bright, apparently, self-generated, best-of-breed, compatible, intelligent, primordial, inherent, wise, allegedly, able, active, case-sensitive, unfounded, academic, supposed, automatic, original, compatibility, smart, speculative.

Usage examples: