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Definition of invigorate:

  1. To give vigor to; to strengthen; to animate; to give life and energy to.


proclaim, juice up, accelerate, animise, fillip, barrack, intensify, pack a punch, liven up, laud, jazz, beatify, grip, animize, stir, exalt, help, enliven, revolutionise, bolster, catch, recreate, renovate, urge, reanimate, root on, skew, influence, revivify, instigate, extol, animate, breathe in, tickle pink, color, whet, exhort, repair, thrill, speed, sharpen, inhale, inspire, amp, reinvigorate, ginger, quicken, decide, jump-start, pep up, urge on, speed up, give, spike, stiffen, glorify, zip, inebriate, vitalize, lead to, liven, pep, prompt, cheer, revolutionize.

Usage examples: