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Definition of involved:

  1. of Involve
  2. Same as Involute.


twisty, winding, immersed, compound, Byzantine, manifold, problematical, participating, into, committed, baffling, intricate, simple, knotty, affected, involute, heterogeneous, tangled, convolute, knobbed, gnarled, mired, gnarly, labyrinthine, voluminous, twisting, mingled, attached, dedicated, entangled, daedal, active, mixed, embroiled, engaged, implicated, composite, problematic, interested, involved with, encumbered, conglomerate, affected, preoccupied, tough, concern, enclosed, complex, Daedalian, tortuous, snarly, multiform, caught up, connected, concerned, elusive, absorbed, convoluted.

Usage examples: