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Definition of iris:

  1. A genus of plants having showy flowers and bulbous or tuberous roots, of which the flower- de- luce ( fleur- de- lis), orris, and other species of flag are examples. See Illust. of Flower- de- luce.
  2. An appearance resembling the rainbow; a prismatic play of colors.
  3. Inner circle of an oscillated color spot.
  4. See Fleur- de- lis, 2.
  5. The contractile membrane perforated by the pupil, and forming the colored portion of the eye. See Eye.
  6. The goddess of the rainbow, and swift- footed messenger of the gods.
  7. The rainbow.


signal flag, Japanese iris, plant, glad, Dutch iris, sword lily, yellow flag, gladiola, fleur-de-lys, orris-root, iris diaphragm, masthead, bearded iris, flagstone, pin, flag, Siberian iris, fleur-de-lis, gladdon, blue flag.

Usage examples: