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Definition of ironic:

  1. Ironical.


equivocal, implausible, impish, contemptuous, scornful, sensational, bitter, ridiculous, acrid, sarcastic, juiceless, surprising, contradictory, exaggerated, wry, respect, I love it, ambiguous, amazing, staggering, attitude, cynic, subtle, clever, quick-witted, paradoxical, caustic, comedy, twisted, extraordinary, mordant, sardonic, satiric, see the funny side of something, pungent, flippant, trenchant, mocking, keen, dry, uncomplimentary, incisive, can take a joke, biting, laugh at yourself, disparaging, humorous, cynical, derisive, remarkable, humourous, scathing, incongruous, satirical, teetotal, irreverent, sneering, unexpected, critical, ironical, facetious, earth-shattering, astonishing, cutting, comic, spicy, sharp, witty, backbiting, phenomenal.

Usage examples: