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Definition of jaunty:

  1. Airy; showy; finical; hence, characterized by an affected or fantastical manner.


devilish, natty, sportive, cocky, vivacious, flip, spiffy, corky, cheerful, brash, free, whipping, jovial, strutting, alert, conceited, bold, pert, careful, nonchalant, snappish, breezy, spanking, high-spirited, free and easy, sporting, roistering, rattling, flippant, animated, joking, impish, presumptuous, assured, audacious, exhilarated, zippy, fashionable, raffish, spruce, free and easy, debonaire, facetious, saucy, devil-may-care, gamesome, hoydenish, cavalier, nippy, jocose, playful, dapper, good, bumptious, scampish, careless, waggish, easy, debonair, confident, airy, frolicsome, irreverent, reckless, stylish, cocksure, blithe, carefree, chipper, insouciant, snappy, cheeky, light, impertinent, attitude, airy, impetuous, frosty, brisk, crisp, venturesome, suave, debonnaire, nipping, perky, prankish, forward, frisky, provocative, sporty, gallant, swaggering, rakish, sprightly, dashing, swashbuckling, smart, breezy, rollicking, brazen, bouncy.

Usage examples: