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Definition of jazz:

Synonyms for jazz:

hokum, third-stream, backing, bunkum, tosh, modern jazz, whop, know, blatherskite, fuck, acknowledge, chouse, make out, big band music, humbuggery, drive in, screw, crock, codswallop, get it on, fill in, jive, bull, make do, senselessness, do it, tip, write out, whap, fare, cheat, malarky, twist, nullity, hump, silliness, straight jazz, folly, bed, current of air, fiddle-faddle, acid jazz, bonk, flapdoodle, steer, go to bed, nihility, kip down, rot, hint, blather, acid house, punk, chicane, bluegrass, hoodoo, breaking wind, garbage, bang, drivel, fudge, hit the hay, air current, hunch over, hooey, hokeypokey, nuts, retire, spot, baloney, trash, nerts, get by, issue, distinguish, crawl in, muck, ambient, humbug, slush, love, fart, fiddlesticks, sack out, recognize, enjoy, do, flannel, farting, tommyrot, fusion, spang, bunk, stupidity, jockey, slam, piffle, background music, malarkey, cognise, hot music, hit the sack, moonshine, syncopated music, wind, taradiddle, discern, balderdash, complete, contend, hunch, crapola, trumpery, lie with, idle words, make love, flatus, have it away, blither, deal, horsefeathers, fiddle, sock, turn in, pick out, tell apart, be intimate, folderol, hogwash, have sex, live, bhangra, drool, shaft, bop, cognize, hunch forward, swing, bilge, progressive jazz, recognise, twaddle, nothingness, guff, have a go at it, grapple, blah, rubbish, cope, backup, sleep with, bash, neck, cut, le jazz hot, claptrap, sleep together, applesauce, lead, confidential information, foolishness, get laid, cool jazz, boogie-woogie, fill out, beans, roll in the hay, ragtime, blarney, bosh, experience, manage, poppycock, eff, void, wind instrument, get along, have intercourse, come, improvisation, go to sleep, have it off, winding.

Usage examples: