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Definition of jetty:

  1. A part of a building that jets or projects beyond the rest, and overhangs the wall below.
  2. A structure of wood or stone extended into the sea to influence the current or tide, or to protect a harbor; a mole; as, the Eads system of jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
  3. A wharf or pier extending from the shore.
  4. Made of jet, or like jet in color.
  5. To jut out; to project.


sea wall, ebon, groyne, counterspy, harbor, seawall, rampart, bulwark, pier, mole, inky, breakwater, onyx, ebony, inguen, black, wharf, colors, gram molecule, sable, pitchy, jet, sooty, groin, wall, mol, dock, pitch-black.

Usage examples: