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Definition of jib:

  1. A stationary condition; a standstill.
  2. A triangular sail set upon a stay or halyard extending from the foremast or fore- topmast to the bowsprit or the jib boom. Large vessels often carry several jibe; as, inner jib; outer jib; flying jib; etc.
  3. Alt. of Jibb
  4. One that jibs, or balks; a jibber.
  5. The projecting arm of a crane, from which the load is suspended.
  6. To move restively backward or sidewise, - said of a horse; to balk.


gibe, change course, correspond, protest, match, balk, fit, defy, withstand, agree, stand firm, refuse, stand, check, resist, gybe, tally, jibe, reject, fend, dissent, baulk, hold out.

Usage examples: