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Definition of jive:

Synonyms for jive:

banter, hypocritical, vacillation, Gregorian chant, phony-baloney, left-handed, ride, rib, mealymouthed, two-faced, untruth, counterfeit, half-truth, manufacture, chanting, baseball swing, golf shot, cha-cha, scat, josh, a cappella, swinging, backhanded, disinformation, pretended, dance, foxtrot, fandango, bossa nova, misspeak, invention, Janus-faced, Pecksniffian, artificial, fabrication, fabricate, swing music, joke, chaff, bend the truth, mislead, feigned, fake, kid, folk singing, cut, misinformation, rock, golf stroke, mosh, double-faced, choral, conga, cavort, gyrate, gavotte, deceive, rag, cut in, swing, unctuous, a tissue of lies, make up, boogie, disco, laughter, Charleston, double-dealing, belly dance, plainsong, falsehood, mealy, white lie, bolero, lilt, invent, jig, phony, folk dance, barbershop, flamenco, razz, lip, dancing, lie, yodeling, concoct, double, cancan.

Usage examples: