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Definition of jockey:

  1. A cheat; one given to sharp practice in trade.
  2. A dealer in horses; a horse trader.
  3. A professional rider of horses in races.
  4. To jostle by riding against one.
  5. To play or act the jockey; to cheat.
  6. To play the jockey toward; to cheat; to trick; to impose upon in trade; as, to jockey a customer.


sleep together, work, love, have it away, racer, breadwinner, go after, cavil, know, push for, means, rider, bonk, try, flat racing, cowboy, hump, designated hitter, the horses, steeplechaser, make love, bed, ancillary, eff, get laid, have sex, chisel, pilot, lie with, have it off, finagle, handicap, jock, gymkhana, career woman, chicane, going, apparatchik, have intercourse, saddle-sitter, move, make out, strive, flat race, drive in, press for, furlong, screw, commuter, control, duty officer, roll in the hay, auxiliary, desk person, dressage, do it, strain, cheat, shaft, cuckold, jazz, navigate, chouse, sleep with, attempt, guide, be intimate, bang, cheat on, try for, rip off, jocker, double, wander, get it on, struggle, betray, maneuver, carp, monkey, steer, horseman, live weight, have a go at it, horseflesh.

Usage examples: