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Definition of John:

  1. A proper name of a man.


buttocks, illusion, magic trick, whoremonger, behind, tail, deception, conjuration, privy, buns, antic, caper, washbowl, throne, hind end, bathroom, washstand, ass, earth-closet, seat, legerdemain, tin can, canful, lav, magic, tail end, conjuring trick, jakes, outhouse, butt, pot, rear end, nates, rear, toilette, tin, sewer, backside, stool, arse, fundament, whoremaster, keister, washbasin, Saint John the Apostle, gutter, rump, fast one, prat, tush, St John, John Lackland, bath, tooshie, commode, bum, hindquarters, John the Divine, derriere, John the Evangelist, lavatory, put-on, flush toilet, Saint John, thaumaturgy, posterior, gospel according to john, potty, St John the Apostle, can buoy, joke, toilet, basin, fanny, crapper, trick, bottom, can, prank, stern.

Usage examples: