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Definition of join:

  1. The line joining two points; the point common to two intersecting lines.
  2. To accept, or engage in, as a contest; as, to join encounter, battle, issue.
  3. To associate one's self to; to be or become connected with; to league one's self with; to unite with; as, to join a party; to join the church.
  4. To be contiguous, close, or in contact; to come together; to unite; to mingle; to form a union; as, the hones of the skull join; two rivers join.
  5. To bring together, literally or figuratively; to place in contact; to connect; to couple; to unite; to combine; to associate; to add; to append.
  6. To enjoin upon; to command.
  7. To unite in marriage.


cave in, verge, mix, trade union, plug into, land, seek, reefer, colligation, break, core, skirt, connection, arr., crossroads, overlap, sexual union, collapse, center, sign on, wedlock, admission, start, unify, uniting, get married, unification, conjunction, mating, append, bound, adjunction, follow, labor union, piece together, aboard, interlace, get together, unite, heart, critical point, pith, coupling, vertex, entrance, draw together, totality, junction, fill in, booking office, inwardness, link, do, concrete, fuse, fall in, enter into, board, sit in on, nub, pull together, cooperate, intersect, total, collaborate, grapple, voice, espouse, fix, near, sum of money, clamp, compound, union, parallel, align, leave, trades union, joining, substitute, ridge, from, aggregate, belong to, bring together, summation, heart and soul, aisle seat, marijuana cigarette, blend, mobilize, weld, get in with, engage in, conjugation, bookable, join in, conjugate, marriage, get in touch, touch base, associate, node, hook up with, jointure, amount, team up with, sign up, afloat, book on, brotherhood, hem, sunder, nitty-gritty, colligate, accompany, take part (in something), roast, plug in, subjoin, go in with, articulatio, centre, give, join forces, desert, amount of money, break into, founder, take up with, interlock, knit, joint, separate, neighbor, pin, give way, consort, clasp, conjoin, coalesce, go over to, combine, bracket, admit, involve, fraternize, co-opt, booking, partner, entwine, interconnect, accept, spousal relationship, occasion, matrimony, spliff, substance, rejoin, screw, articulation, get hitched with, link up, sum total, leash, surround, meat, essence, tie in, arrive, tie, cement, flank, get in on, inaugurate, interface, connect, span, seam, meld, side with, stand in, copulate, sum, marrow, clip, gist, rim, kernel, bus, yoke, conglutination, muster in, intermix, dues, pairing, juncture, fringe.

Usage examples: