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Definition of joke:

  1. Something not said seriously, or not actually meant; something done in sport.
  2. Something said for the sake of exciting a laugh; something witty or sportive ( commonly indicating more of hilarity or humor than jest); a jest; a witticism; as, to crack good- natured jokes.
  3. To do something for sport, or as a joke; to be merry in words or actions; to jest.
  4. To make merry with; to make jokes upon; to rally; to banter; as, to joke a comrade.
  5. To show mirth, satisfaction, or derision, by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face, particularly of the mouth, causing a lighting up of the face and eyes, and usually accompanied by the emission of explosive or chuckling sounds from the chest and throat; to indulge in laughter.


playfulness, frolic, fake, banter, deception, legerdemain, trick, pun, conceit, mummery, waggery, whoremaster, illusion, mot, magic trick, fraudulence, monkeyshine, conjuration, humor, hoax, parody, riposte, work, romp, give-and-take, pasquinade, whoremonger, sham, humbug, jape, john, dupery, play, tomfoolery, escapade, shenanigan, jocosity, anecdote, frivolity, jocundity, lampoon, funny, laugh, yak, laughingstock, revel, buffoonery, japery, horseplay, foolery, repartee, wisecrack, ha-ha, job, riot, wit, clowning, witticism, muzzle, harlequinade, drollery, hoot, rejoinder, sport, butt, capriole, prank, magic, jocularity, wheeze, put on, mischief, fraud, sally, facetiousness, sendup, gag, panic, jest, waggishness, howl, spoof, epigram, badinage, thaumaturgy, lark, game, conjuring trick, respect, caprice, gambol, pleasantry, capriole, stunt, fool, caper, laughter, good, fast one, fooling, scream, crack, retort, takeoff, absurdity, gas, charade, antic, farce, raillery.

Usage examples: