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Definition of judicious:

  1. Directed or governed by sound judgment; having sound judgment; wise; prudent; sagacious; discreet.
  2. Of or relating to a court; judicial.


wise to, sagacious, penetrating, sober, precautionary, reasonable, sophisticated, worldly-wise, fresh, proper, clear-sighted, perspicacious, moderate, capable, reckless, rash, foolhardy, well-considered, sane, intelligent, advisable, responsible, shrewd, rational, reasonable, deliberated, well-judged, keen, thorough, timely, profound, decorous, wise, balanced, quick of scent, calculating, keen-sighted, considered, sound, reason, heady, temperate, well-timed, sane, commonsensible, keen-witted, sassy, knowing, wary, prescient, perceptive, farsighted, prudent, practical, sound, mly, quick-scented, overbold, clearsighted, sharp, expedient, prudential, judicial, able, astute, sensible, accurate, levelheaded, efficacious, smart, cool, informed, sapient, well-grounded, seasonable, acute, calm, sharp-witted, well-founded, sapient, intoxicating, ready, saucy, sage, impudent, impertinent, apt, commonsensical.

Usage examples: