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Definition of juicy:

  1. A bounding with juice; succulent.


hot, humid, aristocratic, racy, blueish, rich, dingy, sorry, yummy, suggestive, palatable, voluptuous, toothsome, moist, blasphemous, patrician, epicurean, spunky, well-endowed, viscid, puritanic, bosomy, spirited, savoury, dispirited, buxom, luxurious, rewarding, colorful, provocative, piquant, dry, drear, drab, lucrative, slushy, wet, full-bodied, grim, blistering, dismal, scrumptious, mettlesome, sexy, succulent, gritty, watery, gamy, aristocratical, fascinating, pleasant-tasting, low-spirited, oily, low, profitable, downcast, red hot, risque, delectable, profane, sybaritic, fat, sappy, tantalizing, dreary, puritanical, exciting, lush, savory, lively, spicy, game, busty, zesty, favorable, voluptuary, fertile, gamey, sonsy, slippery, bluish, sensational, liquid, productive, substantive, dank, saturated, downhearted, down, stacked, down in the mouth, blue, intriguing, soaked, oozy, dark, luscious, depressed, blue-blooded, robust, disconsolate, fatty, curvaceous, sonsie, full-bosomed, sodden, sizzling, luxuriant, delicious, gentle, gloomy, naughty, high, curvy.

Usage examples: