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Definition of juncture:

  1. A joining; a union; an alliance.
  2. A point of time; esp., one made critical or important by a concurrence of circumstances; hence, a crisis; an exigency.
  3. The line or point at which two bodies are joined; a joint; an articulation; a seam; as, the junctures of a vessel or of the bones.


stick, marijuana cigarette, join, roast, unity, crisis, connect, colligation, function, climacteric, point, social function, articulatio, position, time, pass, adjunction, joint, junction, articulation, spliff, voice, oneness, unification, social occasion, hamlet, meeting point, seam, crisis, exigency, occasion, zero hour, crossroads, head, decide, crossroad, coalition, turning point, exigence, time, affair, conjugation, sum, critical point, combination, turning point, union, reefer.

Usage examples: