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Definition of jurisdiction:

  1. Sphere of authority; the limits within which any particular power may be exercised, or within which a government or a court has authority.
  2. The authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate; the right of making or enforcing laws; the power or right of exercising authority.
  3. The legal power, right, or authority of a particular court to hear and determine causes, to try criminals, or to execute justice; judicial authority over a cause or class of causes; as, certain suits or actions, or the cognizance of certain crimes, are within the jurisdiction of a particular court, that is, within the limits of its authority or commission.


Chapter 11, dominion, claim, governance, bylaw, command, legal power, civil liberties, case law, authority, might, civil law, power, mastery, regime, control, Chapter 7, domination, government, sovereignty, say-so, over, sway, civil rights, act, regimen, bill, prerogative.

Usage examples: