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Definition of keep back:

Synonyms for keep back:

hinder, prevent, turn back, manage, keep to oneself, observe, keep under, encumber, hold on, guard, suppress, keep your own counsel, harbour, remain, hold up, keep quiet about something, bridle, hide, keep in, save, defend, fence in, collect, repress, forbear, not breathe a word, curb, control, bear, master, constrain, accommodate, defy, view as, proceed, bottle up, set aside, nurse, keep down, circumscribe, confine, keep something to yourself, store up, keep your mouth shut, deduct, pen in, preserve, go along, abridge, oblige, tie down, keep open, harbor, carry, wait, apply, obtain, admit, deem, support, stay behind, linger, conceal, entertain, concord, restrict, hold off, recoup, infringe, deal with, arrest, keep someone guessing, take, withstand, check, hamper, bound, obligate, trammel, hold back, stay, delay, hold, limit, keep, celebrate, impede, forbid, intimidate, stand, contain, stop, stick around, book, concur, stockpile, agree, keep on, hold open, give, have, adjudge, hoard, retain, take hold, go on, tarry, prevail, sustain, declare, halt, reserve, bind, keep mum, withhold, hold in, continue, maintain, take for, stay fresh, go for, have got, make, inhibit, cumber, moderate, fetter, throttle, restrain, throw.