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Definition of keep down:

Synonyms for keep down:

lose weight, deoxidize, shorten, pen in, mortify, boil down, keep, check, constrain, reduce, overcome, tie down, concentrate, restrict, conquer, determine, keep back, hinder, suppress, bridle, infringe, thin out, cut down, fetter, thwart, smother, annul, cut back, keep under, curb, can it, control, nullify, numerate, bring down, subdue, stifle, disgorge, subjugate, disturb, contract, chuck up, airsick, chasten, hold your tongue, hold back, enumerate, dilute, command, foreshorten, count, come, trim down, limit, quash, add up, surmount, trim back, get over, total, MYOB, carsick, number, bring up, invalidate, hold down, muffle, stop, stamp down, avoid, master, repress, bilious, abbreviate, tighten, void, inhibit, decrease, shut it, circumscribe, prevent, cloy, mind your own business, restrain, bind, that will do, come down, tame, keep in, regulate, fence in, hamper, shrink, subject, bar, scale down, silence, oppress, hold, withhold, abridge, list, cure, button it, confine, trim, come up, thin, strangle, deaden, crucify, barf, contain, amount, deoxidise, keep from, sh, slenderize, suck it up, slim down, decoct, subordinate, slim, cut, dry up, hold in, melt off, quiet, bloated.