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Definition of keystone:

  1. The central or topmost stone of an arch. This in some styles is made different in size from the other voussoirs, or projects, or is decorated with carving. See Illust. of Arch.


groundwork, footing, warp, brace, scaffold, ground tackle, basis, key fruit, back, tombstone, underpinning, burning issue/question, anchorperson, anchor, rachis, pillar, key, gantry, framework, moxie, prop, samara, root, backbone, frame, spinal column, paint, priority, tonality, anchorman, gravestone, joist, cornerstone, vertebral column, concern, essence, element, core, spine, foundation, cay, warp and woof, support, linchpin, ground, buttress, gumption, mainstay, bedrock, bottom, feature, guts, headstone, sand, stanchion, rafter, grit, lynchpin, staple, winder.

Usage examples: