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Definition of kick:

  1. A blow with the foot or feet; a striking or thrust with the foot.
  2. A projection in a mold, to form a depression in the surface of the brick.
  3. The projection on the tang of the blade of a pocket knife, which prevents the edge of the blade from striking the spring. See Illust. of Pocketknife.
  4. The recoil of a musket or other firearm, when discharged.
  5. To recoil; - said of a musket, cannon, etc.
  6. To strike, thrust, or hit violently with the foot; as, a horse kicks a groom; a man kicks a dog.
  7. To thrust out the foot or feet with violence; to strike out with the foot or feet, as in defense or in bad temper; esp., to strike backward, as a horse does, or to have a habit of doing so. Hence, figuratively: To show ugly resistance, opposition, or hostility; to spurn.


hit, billing, the boot, thrill, haste, demur, clap, grouch, flower, mission, bam, throw overboard, speak out, throw in, feelings, bursting charge, surge, force, discuss, part with, backlash, rap, knock, smash, blossom, upsurge, smasher, dispense with, cede, protest, free, stop, tutelage, bearing, chuck up the sponge, punch, enjoyment, potency, complain, boeuf, allow, blush, quit, armorial bearing, strike, hurry, rosiness, go into a huddle, charge, wince, tingle, vitality, give up, except, break, grump, object, sound off, talk over, direction, toss around, release, kick back, forego, drop out, vacate, hot flash, plain, strike up, rushing, iron heel, kicking, spate, spare, frisson, renounce, rebound, cease, care, repercussion, grouse, shudder, flavor, shiver, bound, support, gush, electric charge, flush, chill, take a hop, crab, remonstrate, lay off, blow, throw in the towel, bitch, reproof, boot, animadvert, squawk, quetch, objection, bellyache, fillip, commission, bang, moot, cut out, inveigh, waive, thrust, backfire, prime, happy, efflorescence, fall by the wayside, words, heraldic bearing, ricochet, cunt, amusement, guardianship, excitement, forgo, jolt, challenge, fringe, gripe, blast, beef cattle, opine, beef, drop by the wayside, surrender, leave off, jar, outpouring, bounce, accusation, rush, abandon, discontinue, quail, wallop, shrink, continue, whine, resign, resile, relinquish, peak, speak up, kvetch, cringe, reverberate, funk, iron boot, recoil, cathexis, belt, explosive charge, deliver, flinch, bash, spring, bloom, expostulate, squinch, eruption, heyday, forfeit, burster, quiver, complaint.

Usage examples: