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Definition of kick off:

Synonyms for kick off:

start, hook, drive out, expire, fly into a temper/rage, make, lead off, pass away, kick, succumb, exit, invent, drop, see red, demise, hound, open, cross, strike, fall, perish, play, begin, step out, lose it, starve out, snap, pass, disrobe, conk, shoot, expel, peel off, launch, bring about, strike at, create, get, fling off, deport, mind, end, form, kick in, smash, dribble, croak, lose your cool, depart, off, catalyze, trigger, send away, get out of, introduce, flatline, get off, decease, evict, knock, inaugurate, change, exile, enter, rise to, banish, hold against, check out, pull off, go off at the deep end, get under way, commence, embark, peg out, go, start off, part, set off, lose your temper (with), doff, displace, pop off, usher in.