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Definition of kick the bucket:

Synonyms for kick the bucket:

fail, pass away, foul, give out, asphyxiate, run, pass, grumble, faint, hold up, live on, breathe out, locomote, come about, fret, clog, extend, rifle, clear, devolve, go across, get, perish, surpass, put across, exceed, survive, go past, return, fall, run out, swoon, hand, overtake, authorise, excrete, make pass, fit, function, exhale, fleet, conk out, eliminate, reach, work, gnarl, give-up the ghost, cronk, travel, hold out, move, go through, scrag, fade, go out, blend, stall, glide by, leave, evanesce, get going, pass out, plump, exit, conk, sink, give, depart, take place, pass by, occur, become, lapse, strangle, run short, spend, slide by, snuff it, pass off, choke off, go, break, lead, go along, suffocate, overstep, elapse, mutter, clog up, slip by, hap, stifle, back up, proceed, buy the farm, choke, sound, fall out, croak, egest, endure, top, pass along, murmur, drop dead, draw, give way, turn over, go bad, start, die out, go away, congest, live, gag, make it, pass on, authorize, cash in one's chips, die, decease, overhaul, blow over, pall, go by, blend in, transcend, belong, pop off, travel by, communicate, happen, last, legislate, throttle, expire, guide, operate, break down, slip away, go on, get out, run low, become flat.