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Definition of kickoff:

Synonyms for kickoff:

offset printing, outset, commencement exercise, ball, starting line, root, nascency, setoff, starting point, delivery, outgrowth, first gear, head start, graduation, cross, first, incipience, showtime, offshoot, chip, launch, dive, first base, scratch line, baseline, dawn, backhand, opening, blast, get-go, nascence, arrival, first-class honours degree, incipiency, starting signal, leadoff, origin, jump, commencement ceremony, catch, branch, introduction, starting time, corner, appearance, source, commencement, graduation exercise, inception, initiation, number one, start, runner, conception, onset, genesis, morning, origination, bon voyage, threshold, low, starting, birth, stolon, counterbalance, day one, alpha, scratch, dribble, low gear, inauguration, rootage, send-off, offset, beginning, set-back, startle, start-off, number 1.

  • opening (part of speech: noun)

Usage examples: