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Definition of kid:

  1. A fagot; a bundle of heath and furze.
  2. A kind of leather made of the skin of the young goat, or of the skin of rats, etc.
  3. A small wooden mess tub; - a name given by sailors to one in which they receive their food.
  4. A young child or infant; hence, a simple person, easily imposed on.
  5. A young goat.
  6. Among pugilists, thieves, etc., a youthful expert; - chiefly used attributively; as, kid Jones.
  7. Gloves made of kid.
  8. of Kythe.
  9. See Kiddy, v. t.
  10. To bring forth a young goat.


pull the leg of, squirt, kidskin, small fry, barbarian, tiddler, chap, jolly, youth, kiddy, make fun of, fidget, bud, half sister, niece, pincer, chamois, moppet, teenager, tyke, pull someone's leg, big, peasant, kiddie, calf, Midland, brat, chela, mite, claw, crack a joke, youngster, electric razor, josh, brotherhood, sprat, mother's boy, kin, youngling, boor, minor, deerskin, pip-squeak, Br., colt, goat, electric shaver, foal, poke fun (at), cowhide, tot, monkey, fawn, bro, chick, whelp, crocodile, banter, baby bird, half brother, brood, child, Thomas Kyd, crybaby, daughter, Thomas Kid, bairn, fry, brother, kids, firstborn, kiddo, bastard, chaff, leather, shaver, kyd, devil, calfskin, churl, bambino, nestling, nipper, tell, goatskin, bullock, fraternal twin, cub, tike, buckskin, nephew, lamb, conjoined twin, animal, hide, filly, brotherly.

Usage examples: