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Definition of kitty:

  1. A kitten; also, a pet name or calling name for the cat.
  2. The percentage taken out of a pool to pay for refreshments, or for the expenses of the table.


mess, sight, plenty, bay window, toilet, grass, pile, tummy, locoweed, slit, hatful, mass, heap, consortium, smoke, mountain, great deal, passel, snatch, pocket billiards, deal, crapper, skunk, green goddess, sens, corporation, kitty-cat, potful, twat, commode, potentiometer, spate, can, jackpot, flock, flowerpot, good deal, potbelly, slew, pond, sess, muckle, gage, raft, pot, pussy, dope, peck, lot, tidy sum, puss, mint, pussycat, stool, puddle, mickle, stack, weed, pool, quite a little, batch, cunt, potty, syndicate, throne, kitten, wad.

Usage examples: