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Definition of knit:

  1. of Knit
  2. To be united closely; to grow together; as, broken bones will in time knit and become sound.
  3. To draw together; to contract into wrinkles.
  4. To form a fabric by interlacing yarn or thread; to weave by making knots or loops.
  5. To form into a knot, or into knots; to tie together, as cord; to fasten by tying.
  6. To form, as a textile fabric, by the interlacing of yarn or thread in a series of connected loops, by means of needles, either by hand or by machinery; as, to knit stockings.
  7. To join; to cause to grow together.
  8. To unite closely; to connect; to engage; as, hearts knit together in love.
  9. Union knitting; texture.


crumple, interlace, recover, twine, spin, ribbing, pull through, nurse, champaign, join in, rib, crease, collaborate, mess up, knitted fabric, knit stitch, ripple, ruck, undulate, partner, intertwine, rumple, plain, cable, mend, intermingle, heal, knitwork, enlace, gather, break down, affiliate, crinkle, riffle, ruffle, pull together, shake, improve, respond, net, field, share, join, knitting, tuck, knitting needle, repair, cockle, needle, cable stitch, loop, unite, strengthen, wrinkle, crumble, survive, ruck up, plain stitch, ruffle up, fight off, web, cooperate, get in with, entwine, pucker, mobilize, collapse, cast off, cast on, revive, tumble.

Usage examples: