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Definition of labored:

  1. Bearing marks of labor and effort; elaborately wrought; not easy or natural; as, labored poetry; a labored style.
  2. of Labor


leaden, enceinte, pulmonary, impenetrable, laboured, good, tedious, mind-numbing, agonistic, weighed down, elephantine, backbreaking, threatening, fleshy, operose, lumbering, grave, gravid, intemperate, awkward, expectant, sound, profound, sullen, heavily, dull, contrived, ponderous, cloggy, dense, agonistic, boring, big, forced, grievous, effortful, uninspired, deep, trivial, difficult, constrained, heavy, humdrum, overweight, gruelling, deeply, true, large, indrawn, bronchial, weighty, heavy-handed, uninteresting, laborious, clayey, breathless, great, punishing, grueling, dreary, strained, toilsome, wakeless, lowering, sonorous, with child, arduous, chesty, choke, unexciting, hard.

Usage examples: